Going Up: Creative Strategies to Maximize Sponsorship ROI

SponsorPulse Staff
  • March 9, 2023
  • SponsorPulse Staff
Find out how you can leverage data to identify the right properties to sponsor and reach a highly targeted audience and maximize your sponsorship ROI.
Heading into a pitch meeting with a potential partner? Sitting down with your internal team to discuss sponsorship strategy? Regardless of where you’re at in your sponsorship journey, there are always ways to optimize your process.

Fact is, developing a profitable sponsorship strategy requires brands to open their minds and get creative. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, shepherding sponsorship marketers toward greener pastures of success is kind of our thing.

Here are 3 Creative Ways to Maximize Sponsorship ROI

Find your Fit

Determining the right sponsorship opportunity can be a challenging task when brands aren’t equipped with the insights necessary to make strong decisions. Rooting your investment strategy in data is the key to building long-lasting sponsorships that make the grade. 

Our insights platform benefits brands in numerous ways, from providing instant opportunity sizing and property comparisons, to helping brands identify sponsorship opportunities on a momentum curve and beyond—we help you streamline sponsorship decisions with meaningful consumer insights. 

Say you’re a successful beer brand looking to sponsor a professional sports league. Our Compare Property feature enables you to judge potential partners based on key metrics that contextualize the engagement frequency, emotional connection, and predicted impact of your target market—empowering you to find your perfect fit at the click of a button.

Fine Tune your Valuation Process

Insights are the backbone of effective asset valuation. In order to maximize sponsorship ROI, brands need to ensure they're putting their eggs in the right basket. Our Opportunity Value tool empowers brands with target investment ranges that drive ROI by taking the guesswork out of sponsorship.

Plus, our global alliance with Turnstile enables us to offer asset valuations that help your brand understand the fair market value of the deal, as well as encourage brands to negotiate deal structures based on what’s working for them.

Also important to consider—these aren’t always your Grandfather’s assets. In the evolving sponsorship space, emerging technologies are broadening the scope of sponsorable assets. From NFTs, to VR, OTT and beyond—we’re experiencing a shift in content delivery that is making serious waves in the industry. Creative marketers will take note. 


Define your Target

In order to optimize the in-market impact of their sponsorships, brands must ensure they’re zeroing in on the right target. Our Audience Network allows brands to pre-test concepts and activations, drive immediate sponsor awareness, and reach category customers where they’re most likely to convert.

In the case of the beer company: Let’s imagine they’re branded as the beer for hardworking, tough, young men who aren’t afraid to put in a little elbow grease on the job.

Leveraging SponsorPulse Audience Network, we can build a custom audience for the brand that targets sports properties that are popular among 19-24-year-old tradesmen or small business owners who recently visited a hardware or sporting goods store. 

Time for Lift Off

Are you ready to propel your sponsorship efforts to new heights? Take a self-guided platform tour today and maximize your ROI with powerful insights.