Montreal Grand Prix: Our Definitive Sponsorship Guide

SponsorPulse Staff
  • May 16, 2023
  • SponsorPulse Staff
Find out how F1 sponsors connect with fans of the Montreal Grand Prix, and which open sponsor categories have an opportunity to breakthrough.
The 2023 Canadian Grand Prix is a month out and it’s revving up to be one of the most exciting races of the F1 season. As the city prepares to host thousands of racing fans from around the globe, it’s not too late for brands to explore the range of sponsorship opportunities available to them at the event.

But who makes up this growing tide of F1 fans? Our data shows that 28% of Canadians engage with the Grand Prix, almost half of which, 43%, are 25-39-year-old males. Many are also athletes themselves, with 49% and 48% of those engaged playing hockey and basketball, respectively. When it comes to work? Many F1 Montreal fans possess an entrepreneurial spirit, with 48% of engaged fans owning a small business.

From increased exposure, to networking opportunities, and more—the Montreal Grand Prix offers an excellent avenue for brands to showcase and connect with this passionate audience. With its thrilling atmosphere, world-class racing, and diverse global audience, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what powerful partnerships will forge ahead of this year's Canadian Grand Prix. 

Opportunity Knocks: Here’s everything you need to know about Canadian Grand Prix Sponsors

The Lowdown on Current F1 Sponsors


Returning to the Canadian Grand Prix is none other than the freshest eatery in the game: Subway. At last year’s Montreal Grand Prix, the Subway Family Zone was an on-site activation where attendees could “Eat Fresh Refresh” and escape the heat in a misting tent. The area also included games for families to play, and a dedicated space to rest complete with vegetable-shaped furniture and complementary chilled treats.

Despite the success of the family zone, just 26% of Subway customers currently engage with the Canadian Grand Prix, of which 34% are excited. Food delivery app users also engage with the Canadian Grand Prix in a limited capacity, at 28%. We’re excited to see how this year's partnership shakes out for Subway!


Heineken doesn't just sell beer, they sell fun. And what’s more fun than racing cars? The league's global beer partner has inspired more entertainment and live experiences for fans across the motorsport world. However, it doesn’t come without responsibility. The brand's campaign “If you drive, never drink” emphasizes the importance of safe consumption and responsible behavior. 

Just 26% of individuals who have purchased beer in the last year have engaged with the Canadian Grand Prix, while 30% of general F1 league fans have. Interestingly, 51% of Americans who have purchased non-alcoholic beverages have engaged with the Canadian Grand Prix—denoting that the messaging surrounding responsible consumption may have hit the mark in that market. Before you ask: Yes, Heineken pours a popular non-alcoholic pint! 

Open F1 Sponsorship Categories to Explore

While the 2023 Montreal Grand Prix has already secured a number of high-profile sponsors across various industries, there are still several brand categories that have yet to be claimed. 

In the apparel space, our data suggests Adidas holds the highest opportunity value for the race among brands. This tracks—39% of individuals who have purchased either high performance apparel or sporting goods in the last year are watching the Montreal Grand Prix. Among engaged Adidas lovers, 36% are tuning in. 

Plus, for brands like Amazon, 47% of people who have purchased a smart speaker in the last year also watch the Canadian Grand Prix. In fact, 41% of Amazon Music users tuned in as well, making it an ideal opportunity for smart speaker brands looking to connect with the right audience. 

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