Product Launch: SponsorPulse Audience Network

SponsorPulse Staff
  • November 15, 2022
  • SponsorPulse Staff
audience network launch
SponsorPulse partners with Dynata and MiQ to launch scalable sport and entertainment Audience Network, backed by consumer insight

It’s estimated that in 2021 alone, programmatically sold advertising was worth 418 billion U.S. dollars globally. 

Despite the sheer amount of money being invested, programmatic media is still in its relative infancy, and as with any evolving digital media, that means it can come with challenges, especially when it comes to campaign efficiency and addressability.

We know that being able to reach engaged consumers is powerful. In fact, 59% of consumers agree that they support the brands that sponsor their favorite properties. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with MiQ & Dynata to develop a powerful new way for marketers to reach audiences where they are most passionate.

The SponsorPulse Audience Network leverages the breadth of the SponsorPulse data set, including more than 500,000 people across North America, to create seed audiences based on passions and consumer behaviors. In partnership with Dynata, we then use predictive modeling to scale those audiences for activation, helping customers reach the right people.

Here’s what customers can expect:

Off-the-shelf audiences

Available immediately are 35 unique audiences across major properties including the NFL, WNBA, NBA, MLB, NHL, FIFA World Cup, and eSports.

Not only can marketers reach passionate fan bases across global sports properties, but our Audience Network also allows you to dig even deeper, reaching those consumers with demonstrated purchase intent across hundreds of categories like sports betting, insurance, quick service restaurants, and more. 

Custom audiences

If our off-the-shelf audiences don’t fit the bill, we can build customized audiences to meet your campaign objectives and reach new audiences within entertainment, sport, music and charity.

Drive sponsor awareness and conversion among consumers with category intent, using target audiences built specifically with your brand in mind. 

Full-service activation

To make the process even more seamless, our partnership with MiQ allows for full-service media activation, giving customers access to experts in programmatic media to build and execute campaigns with continuous optimization. 

Audience targeting backed by data

Ready to kick your media efforts into high gear? Contact us today to learn more about the SponsorPulse Audience Network and how you can leverage data to reach your target audience where they are most passionate.