Sponsorship News: February 2023 Edition

Jessa Morris
  • February 28, 2023
  • Jessa Morris
Find out how consumers feel about the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show, Kansas City Chiefs, and their opinions on the CanWNT dispute with Soccer Canada.
It’s been a busy month in the sponsorship space across sports, entertainment, and music. From the Super Bowl LVII and Rihanna’s return to the stage to the continued fight for equal opportunity in women’s sports, we talked to North Americans to find out how they feel about the biggest stories in sponsorship.

Here’s a breakdown of the stories making headlines:

Kansas City Chiefs Deliver Value to Sponsors

After the team's second Super Bowl win in 4 years, we talked to Kansas and Missouri residents to get their perspective on which Chiefs' brand sponsors are top of mind following the big game, here's what we found out:

⚖️There's a 51-point spread between the most and least-recalled brands in our aided awareness study.

🥃 Crown Royal leads favorability gains, with a net increase that is 17% higher than the sponsor average.

🏈 Having a fan-favorite QB doesn't hurt team marketability. 69% of US residents know of Patrick Mahomes, and 27% would support brands he personally partners with.

The Super Bowl Ads that Left Consumers Talking

$7 mil for 30 seconds of air time 💸📺

That's the average that advertisers paid for a spot during Super Bowl LVII.

It's a hefty price tag, but consumers have come to expect the very best from the brands who pay to play.

🤔 On average, US consumers could name 1.5 Super Bowl advertisers the next day, in our unaided study.

❤️ Love is stronger than hate, as more consumers recalled the commercials they were fond of compared to those they disliked.

So, who stood out?

🥇 Dunkin'​ takes the cake (or should we say donut?) 9% said the spot featuring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was the best spot.

😬 On the flip side, the award for worst Super Bowl Commercial went to the controversial "He Get's Us" ads according to 5% of Americans.

Best/Worst Super Bowl Ads by Jessa Morris

Rihanna steals the show

118.7 million viewers tuned in to watch Rihanna take the stage during the Apple Music Halftime Show 🎤🎶

While RiRi didn't get paid for the show, she certainly knew how to make it work for her.

Thanks to a light touch of product placement, it's estimated the performance earned Fenty Beauty an estimated $5.6M in media impact value according to Launchmetrics.

It's no doubt a performance we'll be talking about for a while to come, but when all was said and done, how did consumers feel about the show?

😍 22% of Americans who watched Rihanna's Halftime Show thought it was the best Halftime Show ever.

👎 Fewer than 10% thought it was "not good" or "horrible"

🎤 Among those who weren't fans of this year's show, Dr. Dre and his ensemble held the top spot

Rihanna's Halftime Show by Jessa Morris

CanWNT fights for equal opportunity

The Canada Women’s National Team has been in the news after an interrupted labour dispute with Canada Soccer. They’re back on the pitch ahead of the SheBelieves Cup, which took place between February 16-22.

When we asked Canadians what they think about it all, support is firmly with the players.

⚽️ Sponsors should be watching these negotiations closely, as Canadians are clearly both paying attention and opinionated about the outcome.

✊Public support gives credence to the momentum behind corporate partners influencing where their sponsorship dollars are allocated – ensuring they align with their purpose and brand promise.

CanWNT Soccer by Jessa Morris

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