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The Opportunity Score - A universal sponsorship currency.

Sports. Music. Entertainment. Lifestyle. Cause. SponsorPulse is the first global sponsorship intelligence platform to provide one score that instantly measures and compares thousands of properties across consumer passion points.

Whether it be sport teams or leagues, music award shows or festivals, parades or community festivals, causes or charities, SponsorPulse will give you the data you need to understand the reach and potential impact of any property.




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How we get our data

19 million data points monthly.

Every month, we go in-field and speak directly to 30,000+ people across 18 countries. These people are aged 13-64 and are geographically and demographically representative of their respective countries. To ensure that we continue to provide a fresh data sample, all SponsorPulse™ respondents are required to have not participated in a consumer survey in the past 6 months. We also track survey satisfaction among respondents monthly to ensure that we keep respondents engaged, producing the highest quality responses. We partner with global leading panel provider Dynata to ensure quality and integrity of our data.
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