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Latest Insights

Latest Insights

Our Platform
Global sponsorship intelligence at your fingertips.

1 Opportunity Score

A universal, insight-driven currency to help size and value sponsorship opportunities

7  Sponsorship Metrics

Behaviour, emotion, and sponsor-impact metrics to help evaluate overall reach, affinity, and purchase consideration

18 Countries

Insight into the global performance of properties on an international scale

2,000+ Sponsorship Properties

Data on over 2,000+ properties across major passion points

30,000+ People Surveyed Monthly

People aged 13-64 who are geographically and demographically representative of their respective countries

125+ Consumer Profiles

Information on consumer demographics, purchasing behaviours, data usage behaviours

Our Properties
We collect data on 2,000+ global properties
Our Services
Data-driven services for every step of the partnership process

Portfolio Analysis


Celebrity Partnerships

Activation Concepts

Effectiveness & ROI

Representation & Negotiations

Get access to a paid report for [property name]
Behavioural, emotional and sponsor-impact metrics to evaluate the overall health of a property.

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